Over 27 Years Experience

Established in 2007, in Boise. This was my second practice. I sold my practice in Colorado when I moved to Boise in 2007. I am a sole practitioner (one owner) have a bookkeeper and another CPA that work for me. I have been a CPA for 27 years and have had my own practice for 20 years (Colorado and Idaho).

I want to be a resource for businesses & non-profits and individuals- not a paper mill. I enjoy helping people understand taxes, financial statements and bookkeeping. Each client has individual needs and we tailor our services to meet those unique needs.

I started my business in the midst of the economic downturn of 2007/2008, but continued to grow. It is during economic hardship that the best businesses survive. I not only survived but grew. I gave business people what they needed and knew taxes, accounting and bookkeeping very well and could translate the difficult topic into something they could understand.

I see my business moving into providing more services for people outside our geographic area through online applications.

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