A Customized Experience

Personalized QuickBooks set-up and training. Bookkeeping services offered based on your companies needs, from full service to month end reconciliations to quarterly reviews. I can do as little or as much of the bookkeeping and accounting as you would like me to do and will train you on the areas you would like to take over.

I can prepare compiled or reviewed financial statements and will take the time to help each client understand their financial statements and how to use them as a tool to help their business succeed.

  • Full Service (All bookkeeping functions)
  • Partial Services (Some bookkeeping functions)
  • Training
  • Quickbooks

Provide services based on your unique needs.

You have three basic options, I can:

  1. Fully perform all bookkeeping functions.
  2. Train you or your staff to do the bookkeeping yourself.
  3. We can mix it up and you do part of the bookkeeping and I can do part.

It is all about what works best for  your business.

Bookkeeping is the foundation of the financial information about your business. You want this to be a solid foundation.

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Financial Review

I help to determine your short-term and long-term goals and to create a plan to achieve those goals. This can include creating a budget, debt elimination, retirement savings, general cash flow management, etc.

  • Explain (discuss) Financial Statements
  • Budgeting
  • Develop Accounting Systems
  • Oversight of Bookkeeping Staff
  • Separation of Duties

With financial review services I help you better do the following 4 things:

  1. Understand your financial statements and to use the information in them to drive the goals of your business.
  2. Develop budgets to help the business stay on track and plan for future expansion.
  3. Help with the oversight of bookkeeping staff and make sure you have a working accounting system in place.
  4. Provide greater separation of duties to preserve your business assets (internal controls).
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Income Taxes

Preparation of income tax returns and tax planning, for all types of entities and individuals.

  •  Business
    • Corporation
    • Partership
    • Limited Liability Co.
  • Individuals
    • Including Sole Proprietors
  • Not for Profit

When dealing with income taxes, it is best to be pro-active as opposed to re-active. Education is very important, the more you know the better you can plan and reduce taxes where possible.

Personal income tax returns prepared from the fairly basic to the very complex. Experienced in small business schedule C’s, rental and royalty income, pass thru entities, retirement distributions and contributions, educational credits and savings, health savings accounts, residential foreclosures and much more. I am able to research and determine all tax aspects of your particular situation.

Business income tax returns prepared for corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, and LLC’s. Experienced in a variety of industries including but not limited to retail, restaurants and lodges, asphalt paving, doctors, dentists, and architects. No business is too small.

Not for profit preparation of tax returns for all types of non-profits.

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